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Service Plan

At the start of each relationship we set goals and objectives via a written Service Plan. We then track the timing and frequencies of each service delivered and post all deliverables on our secure plan sponsor portal.

Fee Benchmarking & Vendor Analysis

Benchmarking plan provider services, investment opportunities and total plan fees can overwhelm even the most diligent plan sponsor. We share the responsibility of a thorough market analysis, offering guidance and support throughout the process. Our Fee Benchmarking and full Vendor Search helps you fulfill your fiduciary obligation to ensure competitiveness within the marketplace, while also improving decision-making for choosing a new plan provider. Using the RPAG proprietary database of more than 50 well-known providers, we are able to provide you with a thorough streamlined process from data gathering to spread sheeting to final analysis.

Investment Analysis

Our clients rely on our Investment Review Process to enhance investment opportunities, manage and help control risk and reduce exposure to fiduciary liability.Utilizing the RPAG proprietary Scorecard™ System, we are able to provide a proven process to monitor and evaluate fund managers and investment strategies. The Scorecard™ ranking evaluates investments on a scale of 0 to 10 in core asset classes, including asset allocation investments. Utilizing the results of the Scorecard™ ranking, our advisors are able to make recommendations for fund additions, deletions and replacements during the Fiduciary Investment Review.

Features of our Services Include:

  • ScorecardSM System for Fund Ranking
  • Asset Allocation Fund Monitoring
  • Investment Analysis Reports
  • Investment Policy Statement Support
  • Quarterly Market Summary

Fiduciary Fitness Program™

The Fiduciary Fitness Program™ is an independent compliance tool to measure the health of a retirement plan. Our program provides resources as a means to identifying potential weaknesses in your plan and remedy through education, diligence, and process.

Retirement Plans require prudent governance by plan sponsors and fiduciaries. The Fiduciary Fitness Programä is a well-designed decision-making process to confirm and document proper roles and execution of responsibilities in a prudent manner.

Program Goals

  • Identify plan fiduciaries and understand the extent of their specific responsibilities
  • Attempt to  help you comply with ERISA §404(a) and §404(c)
  • Document the hiring process for service providers and other vendors
  • Identify parties in interest to the plan and take steps to monitor transactions
  • Understand major exemptions under ERISA that permit transactions with parties in interest
  • Review plan documents in light of current plan operations and help facilitate necessary updates
  • Compliance assistance with reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Ensure that individuals are properly bonded and covered by liability insurance and more

Best Practices Approach

The Program offers a holistic approach to fiduciary best practices, and encompasses three key deliverables:

  • Fiduciary Report Card™:Demonstrates what plan sponsors and fiduciaries need to address and documents plan management responsibilities.
  • Fiduciary Plan Reviewä:Educates fiduciaries regarding their responsibilities, examines plan design, and documents prudent processes.
  • Reference Guide: Graphs, charts and checklists provide easy to understand technical guidance for the completion of action items contained on the Report Card. CFOs, CEOs, Presidents and other fiduciaries have personal liability for assets in the company’s retirement plan. It is crucial that plan sponsors considering partnering with an independent firm specializing in services to help reduce exposure to fiduciary liability.

Fiduciary Report Card™

The Fiduciary Report Card™ provides plan sponsors and their committees with a comprehensive fiduciary gap analysis, prioritizes fiduciary responsibilities, establishes a roadmap for fiduciary education and documents plan management responsibilities. As a part of the report card, we also provide reference materials, including a Reference Guide and Education Modules.

Fiduciary Plan Review™

The Fiduciary Plan Review™ provides education, documentation and plan metrics to help you manage fiduciary responsibilities and improve operational efficiency. The plan review includes:

  • Evaluation of plan design and compliance issues
  • Charts participation, deferral rates and plan performance
  • Benchmarking of Total Plan Cost
  • 404(c) Notice and Statement Assistance
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Fiduciary File Checklist
  • Investment Committee Charter
  • Ongoing Best Practices

Education & Communication

Leading Edge Retirement Plan Advisors delivers proactive education solutions that are comprehensive, compelling and technically proficient. As a result, participants are potentially better informed about asset allocation and risk tolerance, and most importantly, better prepared for retirement.

Our comprehensive participant education and communication program helps maximize benefits for plan participants through the following services:

  • Group and Individual Education Meetings
  • Employee Communication Strategies
  • Asset Allocation and Investment Guidance
  • Executive Financial Planning
  • Bi-Lingual Consultants
  • Education Modules


*Please note that investments such as mutual funds are subject to market and other risk factors. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time, and you may gain or lose money. Loss of principal is possible.

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